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Ellensburg Electricians & Ellensburg Contractors

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ASAP Electricians and contractors want to make sure we do everything we can to make our customers happy and safe.


We are here to help and assist you in making sure your homes and business are as safe as possible. Call us today for a free
no obligation home safety inspection from one of our qualified Ellensburg electricians.


We can also help you with energy efficiency.


Our Ellensburg contractors and Cle Elum electricians are here to serve your homes and businesses. Give us a call today
and let us know how we can help.


Keeping Your Home & Business Safe!

Ellensburg Electricians & Ellensburg Contractors
Ellensburg Electricians & Ellensburg Contractors

Below is a panel upgrade we did and some problems our clients experienced before we corrected them.

Don't let this happen to your home or business.

Old Outdated Fuse Boxes

Ellensburg Electricians

Updated Circuit Breaker Panel

Kittitas Electricians
Ellensburg Contractor

Many old homes still have the old fuse boxes and wiring. Wiring systems based on fuses were never intended to carry the electrical load of modern electronic devices. Between computers, microwaves, televisions sets and even LED clocks it is just too much of a load on the old fuses.

Kittitas Contractor

Here is the panel upgraded to circuit breakers. Have us come out and give you an estimate for switching your old fuse box to circuit breakers. Your old fuse box can be dangerous.


Chances are replacing the fuse box with a circuit breaker could even reduce your home owner’s insurance policy. Because fuses are outdated, insurance companies look at a house with a fuse box and see an electrical fire waiting to happen.

Fire Hazard

Cle Elum Electrician

Bathroom Fan

Cle Elum Electrician
Ellensburg Electrical Repairs

ASAP Electricians
can check for problems before this happens in your home or business.

Cle Elum Contractor

Bathroom fans and old wiring
are a common source of
electrical problems in homes.
Call us today for a safety

Burned & Melted Wires

Kittitas Electrician

Burned & Melted Wires

Electrician Ellensburg
Ellensburg Contractor

Old wires can burn and melt causing severe damage to your wiring or worse a fire.

Kittitas Contractor

Have ASAP Electric check out your wiring and electrical system to make sure this doesn't happen to
you and your family.


Our Commitment


We want your experience with ASAP Electric to be the best it can be. It is our job to make sure you are confident that when you need Ellensburg electricians, Cle Elum contractors, or Kittitas electricians you can call ASAP now and get fast, quality electrical service and repairs.



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